Build a Solid Base for Your Commercial Light Poles

Ask us about our light pole construction services in Charlotte, NC, Columbia, SC and surrounding areas

If your electric company was hired to power the light poles in a commercial parking lot in Charlotte NC, Columbia, SC, and surrounding areas, you're going to need the help of Carolina Base Installers. We'll pour solid concrete bases for the light poles. Heavy-duty bases also protect the light pole from car or weather damage. Once we have a solid base, we'll begin the light pole construction process.

Tell us how many bases you need so we can get started on your light pole base installation ASAP.

Curious about our process?

Your customers should feel safe walking from your parking lot to your store, so make sure it's well-lit. Before you hire an electrician, you'll need our help to install concrete bases for the light poles. Our light pole base installation process includes:

  • Drilling a hole for the light pole
  • Constructing and setting rebar cages
  • Pouring concrete for the base
  • Installing heavy-duty anchor bolts
  • Stripping the concrete forms same day

Send us your shop drawings and site plans and we'll handle your light pole construction project ASAP.

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